smashmouth was right… so much to do, so much to see

”I am the lost princess, aren’t I?” 


Wallpapers by de Gournay 


Wallpapers by de Gournay 


Don’t insult someone’s smile.what the fuck. It’s somethin that happens naturally when they’re happy just let them fuckin be why would you try to knock someone down like that

 But I am your servant. When you starve I will feed you; when you are sick I will tend you. I crawl at your feet; for before your love, your kisses, I am debased. For you alone I will be weak.

Sophie Turner out and about in Beverly Hills (08.30.2014)

And in this labyrinth where night is blind the phantom of the opera is here inside my mind…


I’ve figured it out: My type is tall, handsome and dorky as fuck